Famous Filming Locations Dubrovnik Full day

Game of Throne, Star Wars & Robin Hood
- Group tour Full Day Tour - 

Fans can now relive scenes from the greatest TV show on Earth and some of the most famous Hollywood blockbusters by visiting its most popular locations, right here in Dubrovnik. Visit locations across the Old City of Dubrovnik as well as Lokrum Island and Trsteno. With an expert local guide at your side, you’ll get to know the fictional cities of King's Landing, gambling city of Canto Bight and Nottinghamshire, whilst exploring the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Dubrovnik. First we will visit the gardens of King’s Landing, an Arboretum located in Trsteno, a small village right by the sea around 10km north of Dubrovnik. Many scenes have been filmed here, in which Lord Varys and Tyrion and many others, wander through the outdoor parts of Red Keep to plot and exchange secrets. Next we will visit shooting locations across the Old City of Dubrovnik as well as Lokrum Island. Only a few hundred meters off the coast of Dubrovnik lies the green and lush Lokrum island, which we will reach by boat from the Old City port. This small island opposite Dubrovnik is actually Qarth in the TV show, which is actually located on the other continent Essos.

Departure from the hotel according to the plan.
10:00 Arrival to Trsteno Arboretum, sightseeing
11:15 departure to Pile Gate
12:00 Lovrijenac Fortress sightseeing
12:30-14:00 old city tour including all filming locations: Pile, Stradun, Jesuit Monastery, Rector’s Palace,Monastery, Old Port
14:00-15:50 free time for lunch or shopping
16:00 Boarding a boat, departure from Old Town Harbour
16:15 Arrival at Lokrum, sightseeing and free time
18:15 Departure from Lokrum
18:30 Boarding a bus, departure from Ploče Gate towards hotels
* time schedule may vary due to the level of crowdedness

Included: Transfer, professional guide, entrance fee for Lovrijenac Fortress, Lokrum and Trsteno gardens
Note: Bring swimming suit for out time on the Lokrum island

Available from April 1st-May 1st every Sunday and from May 1st –October 31st every Sunday and Wednesday and

Price: 650 HRK (89€) per person