Dubrovnik by sea-Sunset kayaking

Explore Dubrovnik's history and natural beauty from the sea. Enjoy stunning views of the old town, walls and near Lokrum Island. Learn about the city's past. Watch the sunset and finish the tour with a glass of wine for an unforgettable experience.

 Suitable for: Our sea kayaking tours are designed so they can be completed by people of all ages and require reasonable fitness level. No experience necessary. Minimum fitness level required, as after all there is some paddling ahead of you!

Tour commences from  meeting point, lasts for about 3 hours. A guide escorts the tour in his own kayak, tour starts from Pile bay, goes around Lokrum island, then we stop in Betina cave for a snorkeling break (accessible only from the seaside) and paddle back by the walled city, towards the starting point where the tour ends with a glass of wine.

A tour guide, kayak, paddle, life jacket, snorkeling gear, sandwich/fruit snack, a bottle of water and a glass of wine upon return are all included in the price.

Please note that booking is required for this tour, you can however book for the same day, or a few hours before.

 Sunset kayaking schedule:

April: 4:30 pm

May: 5 pm

June & July 1-15: 5:30 pm

July 16-31 & August: 5 pm

September 1-15: 4:30 pm

September 16-30: 4 pm

October 1-15: 3:30 pm

October 16-31: 2 pm

 Price: 45 euros per person