This private art tour was created for travelers interested in the contemporary fine arts of Dubrovnik, both as enthusiasts and collectors. It allows you to peek inside the very soul of its art scene. The carefully crafted itinerary allows you to meet Dubrovnik artists in their studios to find out how their typical workday and creative process look like. This itinerary also includes a visit to Gallery Flora, a very significant gathering place for local artists. In addition to some of the classic Dubrovnik travel experiences, such as a walk along Dubrovnik's famous city walls, each step of the way offers special moments with people who make up the living culture of Dubrovnik in all its rich history and vibrant expressions.


PopHeart – An Unusual World of Colorful Things

PopHeart is a colorful factory where unusual things are created. It is a miraculous place filled with various creations where ideas, projects and models play a significant role. Upon passing through the magnificent door all the weather conditions, favorable or not, all the mishaps, troubles, and problems are locked in special cabinets, and you can always take them back, if you really want, upon leaving. The walls of this factory are decorated with joyful works, created daily by an extraordinary machine of fantasy ideas. It is possible to buy off any creation along with the promise to find for it the best place from which it will be able to emit its inspiring vibrations.


Atelier of the artist Dubravka Lošić

Located in the space of former Radeljević oil factory in Gruž, the Atelier of Dubravka Lošić provides art lovers with a peek into the mind and soul of one of Dubrovnik’s renowned contemporary artists. Housed in an industrial space, the atelier features some of her ongoing projects in which she combines several mediums and artistic genres: painting, installations and costume design. Discover the wondrous space where the combination of factory and art becomes a place for new encounters and flows of energy.


Gallery Flora

Flora's home was an art studio of the painter and benefactress Flora Jakšić, who gathered many famous artists. Villa was built in Lapad Bay in 1922 by the Czech architect Alois Zima and designed according to the direct instructions of the painter Vlaho Bukovac. Flora bestowed her atelier to the care and use of the artists. At the time when there was not a single public atelier, nor a space permanently intended for art exhibitions in Dubrovnik, this was an unrivalled gesture. Gallery Flora is managed by the Croatian association of artists of Dubrovnik that, as a professional association, has been presenting systematically for almost half a century its members’ work and introducing the achievements of modern art in Croatia and the world to Dubrovnik public, all with the main goal of promoting the visual arts and the dignity of artistic calling.


Availability:  Every day from 9:00-11:00 am or 19:00-21:00 pm. Maximum number of participants per tour is 4.


Price: 2625 HRK (350 €) per tour

*price includes:  Pick up and drop off